Report on the First Thematic Meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Work of the Revitalization of the General Assembly

By Alex Maresca
May 2014

On the 21st of March 2014, the Ad Hoc Working Group(AHWG) on the revitalization of the General Assembly held its first thematic meeting of the 68th session. The subject of the meeting was the role and authority of the General Assembly in the UN system. This article summarizes the key points made by member states and regional groups during this session.

The creation of an Advisory Group to provide a basis for Security Council reform negotiations unsurprisingly meets opposition

Update on Security Council Reform: Creation of PGA’s Advisory Group and plenary meetings held on 7 and 8 November 2013
9 November 2013, by Lydia Swart

On 22 October, the President of the General Assembly (PGA), H.E. John Ashe from Antigua and Barbuda, distributed a letter announcing the reappointment of Afghan Ambassador Zahir Tanin as Chair of the intergovernmental negotiations and informing the membership that he had created an Advisory Group. He explained:

A New Low Point in the Security Council Reform Process: Serious Clashes between the President of the General Assembly and Chair

On 27 June 2013, the President of the General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, rather than the Negotiations Chair, Zahir Tanin, presided over a meeting of the intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council Reform, highlighting an ongoing disagreement between the two about how and when to proceed during the current session.