E-democracy and the United Nations

TitleE-democracy and the United Nations
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsPanganiban R

This publication studies innovative reforms that will ensure the UN's relevancy and will strengthen the organization. The author highlights the importance of expanded use of information technology as an alternative route to reforming existing UN organs. book, 104 pages.

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Excerpts from Rik Panganiban's Conclusions: It is necessary to broadly address the digital divide but also expand the reach of traditional radio in conjunction with Internet radio broadcasts. Partnerships should be established online and through the use of virtual meetings between UN officials and civil society networks, as well as with selected members of civil society when particular expertise is needed.

Rather than creating completely new policy arenas, a more productive strategy is to focus where possible on existing intergovernmental policy arenas and expand them to include multi-stakeholder dimensions.

The UN should redesign its websites in order to make them more user friendly.

(Excerpts taken from pages: ii, 83 of Publication )