Streamlining the United Nations System –Part A: Wanted: A U.N. Personnel System that Works

TitleStreamlining the United Nations System –Part A: Wanted: A U.N. Personnel System that Works
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsPerry ESiegal

This monograph describes complex UN employment structure and makes recommendations to minimize politicization and develop career international civil service - 66 pages.

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Excerpts from Mrs. Perry's Conclusions:
Extend Competitive Tests Through P-5 & Make Them More Widely Available. While efforts should be continued to recruit more women at all levels, an especially strong effort must be made to correct the appalling imbalance in ASG and USG positions. To the extent the career track is to be used to fill some of these "political" positions, the recent increase in the number of women holding D-1 and D-2 positions should make it possible to find qualified women to promote without sacrificing quality. If these positions are to continue to be filled externally, on a political basis, there is no doubt that there are many highly qualified women available in every field of endeavor. All else being equal, women and applicants from geographical areas that are below their desirable ranges should be given an edge in the selection process.

Eliminate The Practice of Reserving Top Posts for Certain Countries: As advocated by both the Group of 18 and the U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations, the practice of reserving top Secretariat posts for citizens of specific countries should be stopped.

(Excerpts taken from pages: 64-66 of Monograph 12A)