Human Rights: Improving U.N. Mechanisms for Compliance

TitleHuman Rights: Improving U.N. Mechanisms for Compliance
Publication TypeMonographs
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsBaratta JPreston

This monograph reviews the origins of human rights instruments. The author examines proposals to improve compliance through greater use of experts, granting right of individuals to petition, increasing NGO access and establishing a World Court of Human Rights -- 109 pages.

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Excerpts from Dr . Baratta's Conclusions:
Right of Individual Petition --Individuals are the ones who suffer human rights abuses, usually at the hands of governments. The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances was one of the most painfully won civil rights in the West. In the world at large, the right of individual petition to UN supervisory bodies ought to be recognized as a matter of right, as it is in the American Convention and generally has been (optionally) in the European Convention.

NGO Access --Non-governmental Organizations like the International League for Human Rights, Amnesty International, Freedom House, and World Watch, have been the heart of the struggle for human rights. They often are the only organizations to support an unknown individual suffering injustice in some remote locale. The reports of these NGOs are full of such cases calling for redress. NGOs link the UN to the people of the World in ways that might seem inappropriate for an international security organization of sovereign states. Hence, it is vital to provide greater access for NGOs, as for individuals, to UN agencies. (Excerpts taken from pages: 93-95, & 101 of Monograph 8)