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Security Council Reform: Current Session of the General Assembly

Timeline of UN Security Council Reform
by Lydia Swart, 12 November 2015

This timeline summarizes Security Council reform efforts in the General Assembly since 1992 and also lists the key players and their known positions.

UN Reform at the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly
by Jessica Kroenert, 29 October 2015

The 70th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) general debates were held from 28 September - 3 October 2015, and featured a number of world leaders reflecting on the achievements of the Organization thus far, as well as discussing reforms that they see as necessary for the future success of the Organization.

ACT group formally launches Security Council Code of Conduct
by Jessica Kroenert, 26 October 2015

On 23 October 2015, the ACT group formally launched their year-long initiative on the Security Council Code of Conduct in a meeting hosted by Liechtenstein, the primary drafter of the Code.

Security Council Hosts Annual Open Debate on Working Methods
by Jessica Kroenert, 26 October 2015

On Tuesday 20 October, the Security Council hosted its sixth annual open debate on the topic of the Council's working methods. Pursuant to the concept note circulated by Spain, Member States primarily focused on how the Council could improve its relationships with other UN organs such as the Secretariat, General Assembly (GA), and Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), as well as regional organizations.

ACT group holds high-level event on proposed Security Council Code of Conduct
by Jessica Kroenert, 15 October 2015

On 1 October 2015, the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein hosted a high-level ministerial event on “The Code of Conduct regarding Security Council action against genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes” on behalf of the Accountability, Coherence, and Transparency (ACT) Group.

France and Mexico co-host high-level meeting on "Framing the veto in the event of mass atrocities"
by Jessica Kroenert, 5 October 2015

On 30 September 2015, the permanent missions of France and Mexico hosted a high-level ministerial meeting on their proposal for restraint of the veto powers of the five permanent members (P5) of the UN Security Council in cases of mass atrocities. Foreign Minister of France, Laurent Fabius, opened the meeting with the announcement that 70 member states had signed the statement, with more expected to follow in the coming days.