Member States Meet to Discuss System-wide Coherence and the One-UN Project

1 April 2008

Member States met on Friday 28 March 2008 to discuss the issue of Delivering as One at Country Level (One UN) as part of the continuing discussion on System-wide Coherence. The day-long meeting featured statements by the Co-Chairs, Ambassadors Augustine Mahiga and Paul Kavanagh of Ireland, Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro, by the pilot-countries, as well as other Member States.

In her opening remarks, the Deputy Secretary-General stressed that pilots should be nationally owned, that no size fits all, and that the pilots should serve to align UN goals with those of the involved governments. She further noted the significant progress achieved with the "One budgetary framework," increased accountability and national ownership; however, she also cautioned that new priorities must be set for 2008, the funding gap must be closed, and that an independent evaluation report of lessons learned should be worked out.

In the following remarks, most Member States stressed the success of the "One UN" process, although many members of the NAM and G77 also noted the funding gap, that savings must be channeled back into the system, and that every solution should build on individual country needs and not a "one size fits all." Norway said that the General Assembly must now consolidate the gains made at country level.

Member States will meet again on 7 April 2008 to discuss the funding-structure of the United Nations.

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